PLEXUS Medtech Program

An Accelerator Centre and Grand River Hospital collaboration, the PLEXUS Medtech Program connects medtech and healthtech companies with the resources they need to to test and enhance their technologies in partnership with the local health system.

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Accelerating the development and adoption of Canadian-made medical innovations

Applications for the PLEXUS Program will be open from July 6, 2021 to August 8, 2021 with selected companies starting programing September 2021.

Applications are now closed.
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About the program

In partnership with Grand River Hospital we're looking for Ontario's top scale-ready medtech and healthtech companies to participate in an innovative development and procurement process.

If selected for the program, you'll work with the AC and Grand River Hospital to assess your solution and prepare a proposal for a 3-12 month commercialization project in partnership with Grand River Hospital and the CAN Health Network. The commercialization project includes:

Collaboration with Grand River Hospital

Access to health system data and clinicians

Business intelligence and development recourses

The AC's team of experienced staff and mentors will help you along the way with:

Specialized on-to-one mentorship from our regulator and product development experts

Support preparing you proposal and preparing for your pitch to GRH and the CAN Health Network

Upon successful completion of the commercialization project, you'll then have the opportunity to participate in CAN health's innovative procurement process aimed at removing barriers to the adoption of innovations within the health system.

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Who can apply

Applications for Cohort 11 are now open

Please apply before Sept 10th at 5pm

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We're looking for scale-ready or near-scale companies who are based in Southern Ontario. That means companies that have demonstrated their solution in a medical environment and are fully prepared to work within a clinical environment.

Preference will be given to companies with solutions that support:

Technology that will support having team-members work remotely and development of a global workforce

Technology that will support having team-members work remotely and development of a global workforce


Transition to care being provided in the community (i.e. patient’s homes) when appropriate

Integrating the patient and family voice into care, planning and decision making/being customer-centric

Digital solutions to improve healthcare delivery and hospital processes

Integrating AI into patient care

Advancing care delivery

Eliminating hallway medicine

To assess readiness, we use the technology readiness levels (TRL) provided by the Government of Canada. Startups who are assessed as scale-ready (a TRL of 7-9) are eligible for immediate commercialization project consideration with Grand River Hospital and the CAN Health Network.

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Source: TWI Global

Not Quite Scale-Ready?

If your company is near-scale, or the AC team assesses you have some milestones left to achieve before you are ready to collaborate with Grand River Hospital (TRL 4-6), you have the option to work with the AC team and get:

A custom roadmap to help you achieve the milestones required to become scale ready

Access to our world-class one-to-one mentorship on regulatory requirements, domestic and international sales, product development and more

A desk in one-of our co-working spaces if desired

Membership in the AC's collaborative innovation community and access to exclusive educational and network building events

Not sure what your TRL is? Don't worry, we will help you assess your readiness level in the application process.


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