Our Clients

We've worked with over 650 startups across all technology sectors to help them grow and scale quickly. Check out our current client roster.

Current Clients

4PAY’s PAIY® is an embedded finance / Banking as a Service platform that enables businesses to scale up quickly to extend neo-banking services to underserved markets across numerous industries and currencies.

Aleri streamlines the process of creating cross examination questions for lawyers. We reduce the administrative stress of maintaining several notes so that lawyers can focus on high-level thinking activities- including strategy, execution & winning their case.

Baneks is the world's first currency sharing platform (Uber model) focused on providing clients with the ability to make foreign exchange transactions at the midpoint. We match client demands for currency exchange so that they interact directly with each other to enable users to save time & money.

Boxbrite Technologies is a rapidly growing solar tech company powered by a diverse group of innovators, creative thinkers, and researchers. We deliver innovative solutions for the solar industry, using a best-in-class solar monitoring and data analytics platform called Solar Workbench.

Brighter Future Homes is a Canadian company developing living atmosphere control systems (LACS). Committed to providing buildings that are environmentally safe & self sustaining, our designs offer built-in phytopurification systems that recycle interior air & offer reduced operating costs.

Byte Compose Inc. is building a revolutionary second-hand goods online trading eco-system, SecondValueMart. This new generation application will resolve the majority of market concerns, and provides users a highly secured and protected online transaction environment.

AC JumpStart Alumni

With a focus on cross-platform play and a history in game development giants, our team is creating a movement, powered by games that are just plain fun to play. Bring down the borders. End the console wars. Pick up your controller and let's game with purpose.

With clever engineering and thoughtful design, we're on a mission to say goodbye to the concept of "disposable furniture" while providing the most unique, flexible, and creative furniture solution ever made.

We are leaders in our field in bringing to market a live cell in-home collection and cryopreservation service that will enable consumers everywhere to take advantage of one of the largest disruptions in personal healthcare.

Reengages youth to take back their playgrounds by initiating fun, inclusive, and healthy physical play. This solves bullying and social-emotional issues that are preventing youth from striving in today’s world. Active8 Box Inc can be implemented in any school and can empower all youth.

We bring digital solutions to life for agriculture and agri-food companies and organizations in both the public and private sector.

We're scientists on a mission to help consumers, researchers and health professionals slow the ageing process.


We have developed a product called CARL. CARL is your patient simulator for training, research, and product demonstrations. Backed by three-years of R&D at Western University, CARL's ears are developed from patient-CT data to recreate the most realistic ears models available today.

APrivacy is an award-winning FinTech start-up which combines military-grade data security with seamless user experience on any platform, any device, anywhere.

We create intuitive healthcare products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes. Our product Karie is a personal health companion that organizes, schedules, and dispenses pills with one-button technology, ensuring that patients are taking the right medication at the right time.

Alaunus is a next generation practice management platform, reimagined for today’s mobility, homecare, and providers. We help your home care agency by improving compliance at the point of care through the use of a cloud-based mobile solution, EVV, and EMR.

Alert Labs builds affordable monitoring solutions for residential and commercial property owners. Alert Labs’ simple-to-deploy sensors can be placed on water meters, sump pumps, near toilets and other appliances to detect water leaks, floods, power issues, abnormal temperatures, and other events.

We build innovative networking solutions for internet service providers, network managers & streaming video users.