TROES Corp. launches its 100kWh/30kW BESS at Sky Solar

TROES’ Battery Energy Storage Technology helps Sky Clean Energy Ltd. to deploy commercial microgrid.

August 19, 2019

Originally published by TROES Corp.

TROES Corp., a Canadian-based, advanced battery energy storage company specializing in smart distributed energy storage solutions, announced the completion of a commercialized Micro-Grid Battery Energy Storage System at Sky Clean Energy’s jobsite in Markham.


Sky Clean Energy Ltd. is a full turnkey renewable energy developer; an affiliate of Sky Solar, a publicly traded global independent power producer (IPP) that develops, owns and operates solar parks around the world. TROES’ 100kWh/30kW battery energy storage system is integrated into SkyClean’s Vehicle to Grid Hybrid Power Conversion System (V2G HPCS).


The system consists of the solar module (rooftop, carport, ground mount), TROES’ Energy Storage System, hybrid bi-directional electric vehicle (EV) charging, and the Energy Management System.


TROES’ ESS is utilized for peak shaving, back-up power, demand bill management and renewable regulation applications. The system’s components provide power during periods of maximum demand on the grid to avoid peak usage charge and the generated and stored power can be used during power outages. The BESS maintains power output at a consistent level with supplementing intermittent solar generation. It can also be used to mitigate the deviations in voltage and frequency from solar generation and variable loads.

The conversion system is a power conditioner to enable the grid-connected operation of photovoltaic (PV),TROES’ ESS, and the electric vehicles (EVs). It performs power conversion for PV, and the discharge and charge of power from (or to) an EV connected to this system or a battery, in cooperation with the utility company (grid). These operations are directed by the EMS in the system and enable efficient use of power.

Sky’s new-age Microgrid Energy Management System (MEMS) is developed to further optimize the performance of microgrids worldwide. The MEMS seeks to deploy distributed control techniques to coordinate the actions of all microgrid assets to increase renewable energy penetration, reduce peak demand, and provide ancillary services to the larger grid.

“At Sky we focus on providing the most reliable, cost effective and quickest ROI energy system packages. We have the knowledge and capability to integrate different types of renewable energy source into our system and TROES ESS, as an advanced and reliable system, is a perfect match to our high-end V2G Hybrid Power Conversion System. The collaboration with TROES was a great experience and I am sure that there will be more opportunities for collaboration in the near future." -Peter Liu, Managing Director, Sky Clean Energy Ltd.

“We are honored to serve our valued customers using our 1st generation lithium battery energy storage technology. TROES represents the revolution of energy storage and we expect to use our advanced energy storage technologies to continuously improve our products and services. Transmission lines transport power through space; Energy Storage Systems transport power through time adding a whole new dimension to our power systems." -Vienna Zhou, CEO of TROES Corp.

TROES Corp. established in 2018, develops, designs, manufactures and delivers high-performance, rigorously-tested, innovative, cloud-based energy storage systems (ESS’s). Based on LiFePO4 technology and focused mainly on the commercial, industrial and institutional applications, the ESS’s integrate TROES’ proprietary Battery Modules, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Enclosures and Power Conversion System (PCS). Visit to know more about TROES’ advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems, its proprietary technology, the various applications and its benefits and advantages over other competitive systems.

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