Transoft Solutions (formerly Brisk Synergies) Announces A New Partnership with the Regional Municipality of Durham

The partnership will help to tackle collisions and road safety using AI and machine learning with support from Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) Research and Development Partnership Fund

April 14, 2021

Brisk Synergies started in 2013 by two friends who met at the University of Waterloo. Charles Chung and Luis Miranda-Moreno kept in touch after finishing grad school, and came together over a shared passion of offering impactful solutions by measuring and improving traffic safety. Together, they launched Brisk Synergies and used AI-enabled video analytics to help cities understand why fatal or near-fatal traffic collisions are happening.

In 2020, while the Waterloo-based startup was in The Accelerator Program®, Brisk Synergies was acquired by Transoft Solutions, a specialist in software for aviation, civil infrastructure and transportation. Transoft Solutions (ITS) is now the Transportation Safety division of Transoft Solutions, Inc.

This new partnership with the Regional Municipality of Durham is set to gather data before collisions happen, opposed to the traditional way of collecting collision data, which occurs after collisions happen. By using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, Transoft’s automated road safety solutions offer a video analysis of traffic flow. Transoft’s technology analyzes high risk road interactions and near misses, turning those interactions into usable data. This data will help determine the most dangerous roads, which ultimately provides the region with expedited solutions to reduce harm on the road.

“We had a really interesting idea that we proposed to [AVIN]: essentially, looking at how we could leverage [our AI-enabled video technology] to capture movement that will result in a collision and help to notify people of these issues in real time,” said Charles Chung, VP of Transoft Solutions (ITS).

“The whole idea behind this project is to provide a platform where individual’s devices and vehicles are constantly being informed about upcoming collisions in real time, so they can be avoided.”

Transoft Solutions (ITS) has matched the $876,000 in support from Ontario’s AVIN R&D Partnership Fund with $1,798,350 in industry funding for a $2.67M project. This funding will extend Transoft’s capabilities and help keep more people safe on the road.

“We are very proud to be recognized by the government of Ontario as one of the leading companies to support the region and to be able to bring this technology into the province and beyond. That’s a very strong launchpad for our technology and validates our leadership in this space,” Chung said.

Transoft Solutions (ITS) graduated the AC Program in July 2020. Chung said that the inhouse mentorship is what really benefited his company and helped propel them to where they are today.

“The mentors are able to pinpoint individual challenges. Every business, to some degree, is very unique. But this unique approach offers a lot of guidance to businesses and startups,” Chung said.

“For them to be able to work with entrepreneurs and really get to know them over the years, it really helps to really guide the entrepreneur in the right direction. This really helps to [mitigate] risk, in many ways.”

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