Toxon Technologies and JVD Archery Sign European Distribution Agreement

The agreement makes AC JumpStart recipient's BOWdometer available to European archery distributors.

November 11, 2020

Toxon Technologies and JVD Archery have signed a distribution agreement that will bring BOWdometer to archery distributors in Europe. With the agreement, JVD Archery will be the exclusive distributor of BOWdometer™ in Europe.

BOWdometer is the sport’s first practice companion designed for archers of any skill level. Toxon Technologies launched BOWdometer at the Archery Trade Association trade show in January 2020.

“Whether you’re in Bozeman or Brussels, no one knows archers better than your local archery shop,” said Joe Deu-Ngoc, CEO of Toxon Technologies. “This agreement with JVD will help us reach more archers and continue to grow participation in archery around the world.”

“JVD Archery is proud to start the distribution of BOWdometer,” said Johan van Drunen, CEO of JVD Archery. “Archers do recognize the benefits of new and innovative training tools. BOWdometer has received positive replies from the archery community and we are happy to help in the availability of these products with European dealers.”

BOWdometer automatically counts each shot an archer takes without any interaction required. BOWdometer also tracks the motion of the bow with each shot from draw to release, providing archers with insights on how their equipment is performing between tunings, string replacements, and accessory tweaks.


In the US, dealers can order BOWdometer through Lancaster Archery Supply. BOWdometer is also available for direct purchase




For media inquiries, please contact:

Alex Kinsella

Toxon Technologies


For sales inquiries, please contact:

Joe Deu-Ngoc

Toxon Technologies


About Toxon Technologies

Toxon Technologies was founded in 2018 to leverage current technology trends to provide archers with feedback and insights to enhance their sport. Toxon Technologies was founded by two tech industry veterans, Marianne Bell and Joe Deu-Ngoc, and long-time archery dealer George Wagner. Combining their expertise in technology and archery, Toxon Technologies launched their first product – BOWdometer – in 2020.


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