The Owl Solutions Joins Microsoft for Startups Program

AC client The Owl Solutions plans to accelerate delivery of its supply chain performance visualization platform through Microsoft's international distribution channels.

April 2, 2020

This news release was written and distributed by The Owl Solutions.

The Owl Solutions, a provider of supply chain data analytics and performance visualization, announced it has been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program. The program offers The Owl direct access to Microsoft’s international distribution channels including Microsoft Azure and AppSource commercial marketplaces, cloud solution providers (CSP), and Microsoft enterprise sales force.

“Partnership with Microsoft, a powerful, global organization, empowers us with tools and support to rapidly realize our mission of transforming the way small to mid-sized businesses manage their supply chains. As we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, there is heighted awareness surrounding supply chain performance and diversity and the transparency and insight provided by our solution is needed now more than ever. Microsoft has handed us a true once in a lifetime opportunity to bring The Owl’s insights to the global supply chain community,” says Hugo Fuentes, co-founder and CEO at The Owl Solutions Inc.

Two years ago, Microsoft announced an ambitious goal to become the leading enterprise cloud for B2B startups in the world. Microsoft for Startups is a founder-first program that delivers the technology, go-to-market and community benefits needed to catalyze startup success.

Since then, the industry has seen tremendous growth among B2B tech startups. The Owl Solutions joins thousands of startups from more than 140 countries that have connected their game-changing solutions to Microsoft enterprise customers. Startups active in the program are on pace to close more than $1 billion in new sales opportunities this year alone.

About The Owl Solutions Inc.

The Owl Solutions Inc. is a provider of cloud-based supply chain management solutions for small and mid-size manufacturing and distribution organizations. TrueOwl, the Company’s data analytics and visualization platform, empowers businesses to stop wasting time and resources searching for opportunities to save money, improve customer service and reduce working capital on inventories, and instead subscribe to a service that provides return on investment in days.

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