Smart Cocoon: Automated Technology to Keep Home Temperatures Regulated in Every Room

Have you ever had the issue of the air quality in your home causing different rooms to be drastically different temperatures? Maybe it's winter and the basement is seemingly warmer or colder than all the other rooms in the house, it's not what anyone wants.

February 13, 2018

Have you ever had the issue of the air quality in your home causing different rooms to be drastically different temperatures? Maybe it's winter and the basement is seemingly warmer or colder than all the other rooms in the house, it's not what anyone wants. Or vice versa in the summer when it's so hot out, but all your bedrooms seem to just trap that hot air and the basement remains a cool cellar. A company called Smart Cocoon has created a solution that works with your thermostat system to solve that problem. Smart Cocoon has created a smart device and application which automatically boost's the air quality in the rooms of your home that need it most.

The Smart Cocoon solution works as follows:

  • Your home has a smart thermostat. In the case of Smart Cocoon they connect to Nest thermostats, but will soon connect with all types of thermostats such as Honeywell and Ecobee).
  • Then Smart Cocoon adds booster fans that sit in your vents and fit perfectly within the existing grills that cover them.
  • The smart boosters connect back to the main thermostat and are all controlled through the application by Smart Cocoon which can be operated via your mobile phone.

The result is a simple solution for climate control inside your home. Most of the cost of your energy bill is due to the process of heating and cooling the home. By using Smart Cocoon technology, homeowners can save 15 to 25% on their energy bills. It helps to sustain energy usage and saves dollar on energy bills, not to mention keeps your toes warm when you need them toasty.

Founders, Sam and Kaveh began their company in 2016 focusing on heat activation in the home. A smart plug-in software to activate off-the-shelf products.They quickly realized there was an opportunity to build their own product, so they did that as well. In August of 2017 they launched their beta product and in November of 2017 they held private testing including 40 people in Toronto. They put an ad out on Facebook looking for a test group, and had such an overwhelming interest, that they didn't have enough equipment for everyone to test! The interest and need for a technology like this was apparent.

The team worked hard and fast on the mobile app development with help from contractors and students, leading the charge. In March the team launched in the greater Toronto area and Waterloo Region, receiving a ton of feedback and testimonials from their first customers.Their typical client is a home owner of a two story house that has been around for 35- 60 years. These homes typically have a substantial temperature difference between floors.

The Smart Cocoon team consists of co-founders Sam and Kaveh, part-time CTO Ehsan, a few developers, two co-op students and various contractors. Being a part of the Kitchener-Waterloo Tech Community has provided positive energy to the entire team. Sam describes how incredible the resources have been here how programs like the Accelerator Program have been helpful in supporting them with their processes and systems.

“Coming from Toronto, a very competitive landscape it was so enlightening to experience such a community-based and helpful community here. Whenever we come here [Kitchener- Waterloo] we feel a sense of overwhelming support, inspiration and energy.”

Presently, the team is preparing for an important public beta launch in 2018. Their goals moving forward are to sell their Smart Cocoon Boosters, finalizing the product for sales across Canada and the United States, raising money from VC’s to scale their company production and continuing to make a difference.

When asked what keeps them going on those long and grueling days of entrepreneurship, both Sam and Kaveh echoed the same sentiments,

"Even on the hardest days, when we hear feedback from our customers about how our product is improving their lives it fires us up and motivates us to keep going."

Kaveh followed,

"There was one customer, that told us she was able to remove all the spot heaters from her children's rooms. That made us happy because we know how much of a health and safety hazard spot heaters can be. And there was another customer that said they were able to turn their temperatures lower, saving on their energy bill. This was particularly interesting because they had a tenant renting their basement which had a 15 degree(farenheit) difference from the main floor and the basement. A definite problem causing stress for everyone. After installing our system there was only a 3-degree (farenheit) difference between the main floor and the basement, making quality of life much better for both parties."

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