Recess Guardians is Giving the Gift of Daily Play Time—for Free

Missing the gym? Kids getting restless? We have a solution.

March 23, 2020

Since 2008, AC JumpStart recipient Recess Guardians has been serving schools across Canada and transforming recess time. To date, they have reached more than 600 schools and 350,000 students with their unstructured play programs, helping kids from kindergarten to high school stay healthy and build real confidence and leadership skills.

Needless to say—the team knows a thing or two about encouraging others to have a good time.

Fun physical activity has always been important. As we find our world’s confined to our homes, exercise feels harder to accommodate for kids and adults alike looking to burn off some pent-up steam.  

Luckily, Recess Guardians is proud to present active8 Your Home, a daily video service that will bring recess right to you! All you have to do is subscribe to the free service, and the team will send you a video every weekday with a new game idea and challenge. The games are simple, good for all ages, and most importantly, fun!

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