Protein Sequencing Grant Program

AC grad Rapid Novor will sequence one antibody (a $13,000 value) free of charge for different researchers each month during the COVID-19 period. The team is offering free de novo protein sequencing of an antibody of interest to researchers conducting breakthrough work, but do not have the financial capabilities to procure such a service.

April 16, 2020

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Rapid Novor has made a commitment to provide 1 antibody protein sequence, free of charge, to a different researcher each month during the COVID-19 period.

In challenging times like these where companies must reallocate their budgets and minimize research expenses, we have decided to continue our business operations so that antibody research can continue.

What Is Antibody Sequencing and What Are We offering

We are offering to sequence one antibody (a $13,000 value) free of charge for different researchers each month during the COVID-19 period.

Rapid Novor is the world leader in antibody protein sequencing technology and is home to the largest privately funded mass spectrometry proteomics facility in Canada. Our team has over 20 years of experience specializing in proteomics, bioinformatics and Big Data processing and we were the first to offer a commercial solution to distinguish between isoleucine and leucine (WILD®). Our industry-leading REmAb® platform directly sequences antibody proteins, without needing access to the cell line. More than 230 biotech and pharmaceutical institutions around the world have benefited from our services for projects ranging from securing pipeline reproducibility to engineering the next biologic for cancer research.

What Do We Require From You to Get Started?

Applicant criteria:

  • You must be a researcher at either an academic institution or a small* business
  • Your antibody sample must meet our minimum requirements (monoclonal, 100μg with 80% purity)
  • You must be willing to pay for the shipping of the sample to our facility in Kitchener ON, Canada
  • You must complete the following application, in full.

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Ready to Apply?

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