Mentor Spotlight - Bob Mathers

Meet Bob Mathers - Customer Experience Mentor

January 29, 2021

Bob Mathers is the Accelerator Centre’s Customer Experience Mentor.

Bob was born and raised in Kitchener, and went on to study economics at McMaster University. After graduating university, Bob took an accounting job at an automotive company in Waterloo, but quickly realized he wanted to leave his hometown to work in tech. In the ‘90s, tech jobs were sparse in KW, so Bob went to Ottawa to work in customer support for a growing software company.

After spending a few years in Ottawa, Bob and his wife returned to Waterloo Region to be closer to family as they prepared to start a family of their own. It was then that Bob got a job at Compass Management Consulting as the director of business development and principal consultant. In this role, Bob helped companies such as RBC, Air Canada, CIBC and Canada Post (among many) to run better IT organizations. He assisted clients by improving quality and efficiency while focusing on processes, management and governance. Bob helped clients answer the question: how can I use technology in a smarter way?

During this time, Bob was travelling the world and spending a lot of time away from home. With two sons and years of experience under his belt, Bob left Compass after 13 years.

Bob then spent 3 years at D2L in roles that saw him manage some of D2L’s largest corporate clients to ensure they were implementing and getting maximum value from the technology.

After D2L, Bob took a job at Igloo Software as the VP of Customer Experience. He managed a multi-disciplinary team of client-facing experts aimed at providing amazing customer experiences while also managing customer success.

In 2017, Bob started his own company, Bob Mathers CX Consulting, where he applied his several years of experience into his own passion project. It was during this time that Bob was brought on as a specialist at the Accelerator Centre. At the time, the AC was hearing from startups that there was something missing - they wanted to augment the existing mentor expertise with something that could help them scale growth through customer retention and advocacy.

In 2018, Bob was working part time as the head of client success at Powernoodle, where he still works today. It was in this year that Bob was asked to be a mentor at the Accelerator Centre. He loved working with the AC as a specialist, so he was excited to take on this new role.

Early stage companies are often focused on product development and revenue, but they need help wrapping an experience around that product and ensuring the product delivers on company promises. When that experience is built around the brand values, it provides a frictionless experience that keeps customers coming back and referring new business.

Bob cites his biggest achievement as his teenage sons, who, throughout the pandemic have taught him useful lessons in resilience and adaptability.

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