LOKII launches a Kickstarter for their interchangeable eyewear

LOKII's glasses are available with both sun lenses and blue-light lenses, are totally modular, and can be redesigned in seconds.

July 21, 2021

Innovative eyewear company LOKII has launched a Kickstarter for their interchangeable eyewear on July 1, 2021 and have since made it half-way to their goal.

LOKII's glasses (available with both sun lenses and blue-light lenses) are totally modular and can be redesigned in seconds. The frames come in five different colours, and the frame itself comes apart in four different parts: two temples (or arms), the top of the frame and the bottom of the frame. The frame is held together using strong magnets, making it easy to take the glasses apart and mix different colours, as well as swap out a blue-light lens for a sun lens.

Women wearing LOKII eyewear

High-school friends Jordan Hardy and Zack Enriquez got the idea for interchangeable eyewear in April 2018 when the two had graduated university and were looking to start their careers.

“Zack texted me with an idea one day. He said: What do you think about having a pair of sunglasses that could be interchangeable?” Hardy explained.

Hardy and Enriquez talked about the cost of designer sunglasses and how every time you want a new pair, it can break the bank. Enriquez had this idea of creating eyewear that could be interchangeable – meaning you could easily click different coloured pieces together to make a different looking pair of glasses easily without buying a whole new pair. They looked into the market, and a product like this did not exist on a mainstream level.

“I thought: this is a way to give people as much value out of a single product as possible while reducing the amount of cost,” Hardy said.

At the time, Hardy was taking a couple courses at Wilfrid Laurier University and had access to the school’s 3D lab. With the school’s help, they created a model. Next, they took the model to a consulting company in Toronto called Look Again Eyewear. They loved the idea and helped Hardy and Enriquez further develop the product. Now, after finalizing the design, the two co-founders are working with a manufacturer to bring LOKII to life.

A year and a half ago, LOKII joined the AC JumpStart Program but have since joined The Accelerator Program.

“We were smart enough to know we weren’t smart enough,” Hardy said. “Every time we went into a meeting with the mentors, it was so painful because they pointed out so many things that were so wrong with what we were doing. But it was great because we knew some things were wrong but we didn’t know what to do about it. The mentors had solutions.”

Hardy explained that the AC helped them through several growing pains.

“In The Accelerator Program, they teach you how to think. If you run into a problem, they use their experience to guide you on how to think about the problem. You don’t get the answers, but you get the strategy,” he said.

It was the AC’s mentors that encouraged LOKII to start a Kickstarter and get the ball rolling in the market.

“It was a way to build a community of people who supported the product,” Hardy said.

LOKII's goal after the Kickstarter is to further develop their product line. They want to introduce more materials, like wire frames to make clubmaster sunglasses. They also want to explore prescription lenses and work with optometrists to offer more options for lenses.

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