Going Greener: SusWork is Transforming Canada’s Waste into Economic Opportunity

Philip Wu’s invention will turn biodegradable waste into sustainable bio-methanol.

August 29, 2019

Canada has been making international headlines for all the wrong reasons.

First, it was reported that Canada’s estimated total waste generation was the highest in the world at 1.33 billion metric tonnes of waste, or 36.1 tonnes per person in 2017.

Next, the president of the Philippines threatened Canada with war if it didn’t take back its decaying garbage that was shipped to his country.

Then, Malaysia’s environment minister sent 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste back to the 14 countries who had sent it there; Canada was one of them.

The countrywide Canadian cringe is felt coast to coast as more headlines appear discussing our poor waste management.

What does the future of landfills look like? Will we get our act together?

AC JumpStart client Xu Fei (Philip) Wu believes that with his revolutionary technology, we will.

A bit about Philip: The man has an impressive resume. Working in the sustainable development and energy sector for over thirty years, he holds a Masters in biochemical engineering, and has held positions at the Ministry of Nuclear Industry and Space Flight Industry of China, Microbe Environmental Science and Technology Inc. of Canada, and Conestoga-Rivers & Associates Limited.

He is the inventor of the WXF Solution and founder of SusWork—an emerging clean biotechnology company that has invented a process that converts greenhouse gas emissions and biodegradable waste into sustainable bio-methanol.

The company provides flexible, emission-free, in-house conversion technology that benefits its customers through increased profits from bio-methanol sales and greenhouse gas reduction.

“SusWork is a waste-solution provider and clean biotech company,” explained Jefry Green, SusWork’s business operations associate. “It can process waste much faster than how it is currently being done, which is simply decomposing. It’s putting economic value on landfill waste while simultaneously reducing the volume of waste. Philip doesn’t want to create just one solution; we’re creating as many solutions as possible to clean up our excessive garbage.”

When asked if he always wanted to start his own company, Philip admits that, no, not always: “The opportunity came and based on my experience in the cleantech industry I am very confident in my solution. I value sustainability and projects that could change the world. We at SusWork want to give sustainable solutions for all businesses, regardless of their industry.”

“Choosing the Accelerator Centre was an easy decision. I wanted to work with the AC’s world-class mentorship program and support system. I don’t have experience running a company, let alone starting one, so the mentoring provided gives me and my team the tools and resources we need to succeed,” said Philip.

SusWork operates out of the Accelerator Centre’s TD Sustainable Future Lab, located in Canada’s first zero carbon building, evolv1, within the evolvGREEN collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs, researchers, and clean economy supporters.

“It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by other startup companies all working hard to ensure the success of their companies. It is amazing to see the diversity, ambition and tenacity all in one room, and the collaboration and lessons each startup has to offer.”

“The world is changing,” said Philip. “We are running to catch up and adapt sustainability as a core value. We need more companies with green bottom lines as opposed to an add on from social pressure. There doesn’t need to be a trade off between the environment and business; you can have both and create positive change. Planet and profit can both work in harmony.”

Thanks to innovative cleantech clients like SusWork, we suspect that future headlines about Canada’s waste will involve less trash talk. Pun intended.


Find out more about SusWork by visiting its website.


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