Going Greener: Engineering the Evolution of Power

AMPERe’s ground-breaking technology can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a third and could very well make the transportation industry carbon-free.

March 4, 2020

It seems impossible and yet, it’s not.            

Something is happening right here in southern Ontario: a high technology revolution.

The radical design possesses the efficiency, cleanliness, weight, and price point to disrupt today’s engine market and its fueling regime could very well make the transportation industry carbon-free.  

What are we talking about?

The World’s First Single-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine

“There’s been countless conversations with world leaders who can’t comprehend it,” begins Luke Wolk, Chief Operation Officer of Advanced Materials & Propulsion Engineering & Research Inc. (AMPERe)—the AC client company that is about to make international headlines.  

“Leading scientists around the world marvel at its overwhelming simplicity. How has this never been done before, they always ask. They can’t believe that it exists, but they also can’t believe how obvious the concept should have always been,” he says.

AMPERe’s president and CTO, Mr. Wojciecha Gaj-Jablonski has researched, designed, built, and patented the world’s first Single-Stroke Engine (ICE) with near-universal applicability. Now, in AMPERe’s R&D lab in Oakville, a team of engineers are optimizing the engine to be configured for fuelling utilizing diesel, natural gas, and, in its final stage, hydrogen.

AMP SS-2B 3600CC WMk2 – 360hp@55kg Single-Stroke Boxer Engine prototype completed in May 2019

Amazingly, the technology is able to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by a third using today’s globally available infrastructure.

“The implementation of GJ-1 [AMPERe’s Single-Stroke Engine] in all of Canada’s road vehicles, without taking any other actions, would address over half the shortfall between Canada’s GHG emissions today and the Kyoto 2030 GHG emissions target level.” -Andy Mahut, Chair, Executive Board of the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC)

Every stroke of the Single-Stroke engine is a power stroke. Constructed out of only 24 structure elements with unprecedented efficiency, it reaches up to 500% power to weight ratio—something that is unheard of.

The stats that Luke shared are staggering. Compared to current top-line automotive gasoline fuelled internal combustion engines, AMPERe’s engine:

·       is 70% more efficient – reduced fuel usage

·       produces 80% fewer pollutants and 33% less GHG – clean engine

·       has 50% less cost to build and 33% less cost to run – inexpensive

·       generates the same power at 80% less weight – 500% improvement

·       contains 90% fewer parts - reduced complexity and improved maintainability

·       is designed to operate on Hydrogen – transitional technology

Prepare for Takeoff

The Single-Stroke engine has never appeared in public. But it’s about to.

The Aerospace Centre for Excellence (ACE), an American leader in STEM-related and aerospace education, is holding North America’s second largest aviation show in Lakeland, Florida March 31-April 5 and AMPERe will be there, presenting the amazing world first.

AMP SS-2B 570CC A DCRCUAV – 60hp@15kg Single-Stroke Boxer Engine for Drones with Dual Counter-rotating Crankshafts

You won’t be able to buy a Single-Stroke engine running on hydrogen quite yet, but you can still be among the first in the world to purchase another AMPERe engine at the expo.

Two-Stroke Engines

For over two decades, AMPERe has researched, developed and optimized its unique two-stroke engine.

Although the engine has improved over time, the Silesian University of Technology gave the following Opinion of Innovation in response to the first generation in 2013: “The benefits of using JABFLY systems (considered as motor gliders, ultralight aviation, and special vehicles) with a high power-to-weight ratio (μm) and power per displacement (μv) is the most innovative in the world.”

AMP TS-2B 100CC ACRC UAV – 10hp@3.8kg Two-Stroke Boxer for Drones with Counter-rotating Crankshaft

“We are a true green company,” Luke smiles with clear admiration for his team. “I really believe that the engine will transform the world. It isn’t just a nice concept, it’s a scientific breakthrough that will enable us to transition to a carbon-free economy.”

Get in Touch

Interested in Single-Stroke and Two-Stroke engines? Checkout AMPERe’s website as the team will share more information about their research in upcoming weeks. Questions? Reach out via email at info@ampereinc.ca.

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