We’ve Been Shopping for Vehicles All Wrong. Until Now.

Drivers rejoice: car shopping just got a heck of a lot easier. Let us fill you in.

June 17, 2020

Tired of unclear prices and uncomfortable negotiations when shopping for your next vehicle? 

You’re not alone. 

What about how long it takes?

In 2019, consumers spent an average of 96 days from start to finish before driving off in their new whip. 

With ambiguous pricing and a long journey ahead, car shopping isn’t as enjoyable as it could be. 

Jesse Thompson happened to be buying vehicles two separate times last year, and found himself looking for a solution that didn’t exist. So he made it himself. 

Fetch Moto: The fastest and easiest way to get the best deal on your next vehicle. 

With consistent uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, it’s an ideal time for consumers to buy a vehicle online to reduce potential risk for buyers and sellers alike. 

Co-founders Jesse Thompson and Brett Hayes have been working on their time and money-saving platform for about a year. It’s now live and ready to use and is 100% free for consumers. Simply specify your four to eight must-have features, the geographic area you’d like to buy from, then let the dealerships come to you with their best competitive offers. 

Really? Their best offer?

Yup! With Fetch Moto, dealers can see all posted bids from other dealerships, encouraging all sellers to keep their offers competitive in order to make the sale. 

Even though the average buyer’s journey of 96 days seems like a lot of time, that number is actually 22 days less than it was in 2017. Cox Automotive attributes the trend to increased access to online tools creating a more efficient car-buying process, and suggests that dealerships must consider new ways to effectively compete online. Fetch Moto appears to be the next platform to help dealers do exactly that.

“Consumers are thrilled by the idea. A lot of people hate negotiating, and younger generations don’t have the patience for the traditional buying experience - they’re used to instant internet purchases. They don’t want to spend 96 days shopping - and now they don’t have to,” smiles Jesse.  

“And, the dealerships. It’s a no-brainer. They’re getting ready-to-buy, hot leads delivered directly to their inbox. The leads we provide to them are higher quality than the leads they get from AutoTrader or other listing websites. All they have to do is submit a bid for a sale. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Dealerships send up to five offers on Fetch Moto for free and can continue with a Pro account for just $479/month on an annual plan - which also comes with a Risk-free Guarantee that the product will pay for itself or the membership gets renewed for free.

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