Evercloak Inc. Awarded $900,000 by the Government of Canada to Reduce GHG Emissions

Congratulations to AC client Evelyn Allen and her team at Evercloak for being chosen as a winner of the Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada initiative to enhance the pace and scale of their clean technology.

February 12, 2020

AC client Evercloak Ink., a Waterloo-based startup commercializing energy-efficient graphene-based membranes for dehumidification applications, was today announced as one of ten winners of the Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada initiative in a Government of Canada news release. The company received $900,000 to enhance the pace and scale of its clean technology to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Investing in the development of new and innovative technologies to help Canada fight climate change, boost the economy and create more jobs for Canadians, the federal program is a first-of-its-kind public–private initiative, aimed at accelerating the development of clean energy technologies.

In 2016, air-conditioning (A/C) consumed 2,000 terawatt hours of energy globally, representing 10% of worldwide energy use and generating the equivalent of 1.13 Gt/year of GHG. By 2050, those rates are expected to triple, with emissions growing to 3.5 Gt/year of GHG. Currently 62% of this energy is used in the commercial sector, where buildings are cooled by large-scale HVAC systems.

Evercloak’s technology aims to cut energy costs of A/C by over 50% compared to traditional systems. In partnership with strategic HVAC OEM partners, they will target the commercial A/C market, where buyers are more likely to pay a higher capital cost to achieve lower operating costs and increase efficiency. Once they have established a foothold in the commercial market, they will enter the residential market, with a plan to capture 30% of both markets by 2050 to reach GHG reduction of over 0.5 Gt/year.

"Our government is proud to support Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada, a program that brings together the public and private sectors to transform Canada's energy industry. On behalf of all Canadians, congratulations to all the winners. I look forward to seeing their innovations play a role in transforming our energy future." -The Honourable Seamus O'Regan, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources

Other recipients are:

  • Havelaar Canada from Toronto, Ontario – to develop a technology that will increase electric vehicle charging speeds by up to six times.
  • Intelligent City Inc. from Vancouver, British Columbia – to develop a combination of innovative technologies to build carbon neutral and net-zero energy-efficient family housing.
  • G-Batteries from Ottawa, Ontario – to create ultra–fast charging lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicles.
  • Ekona Power Inc. from Vancouver, British Columbia – to use methane from feedstock to produce clean hydrogen and electrical power.
  • CarbonCure Technologies Inc. from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – to implement carbon capture solutions in the cement sector by storing carbon dioxide and recycling reclaimed waste from concrete products.
  • BIOME from Toronto, Ontario – to improve wind energy production at an existing wind farm.
  • e-Zn Inc. from Toronto, Ontario – to create a low-cost technology to store energy from renewable electricity sources, such as wind and solar.
  • Smarter Alloys Inc. from Waterloo, Ontario – to use heat engine technology to generate inexpensive, emissions-free electricity.
  • CERT Systems Inc. from Toronto, Ontario – to convert carbon dioxide into conventional chemical feedstocks and fuels to support the decarbonization of the chemical manufacturing, transportation  and energy industries.

Evercloak is a current TD Sustainable Future Program client and is a former AC JumpStart recipient.

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