International Women's Day 2021: Evercloak

Evercloak Founder, Evelyn Allen, Embraces Opportunity to Commercialize IP and Finds Success in Entrepreneurship

March 8, 2021

Evercloak is an innovative advanced material startup focused on cleantech solutions. 

Leveraging research from the University of Waterloo, Evercloak makes unique nano coatings and nano films that aim to make breakthrough changes in the cleantech sector. 

CEO Evelyn Allen incorporated Evercloak in 2018. She was looking to make not only a career change, but a change that would make a positive impact for the environment. Prior to founding Evercloak, Evelyn was working with innovators to help them bring their own companies to life. She knew she wanted to reach her own potential as an entrepreneur. All she needed was the right idea, the right technology, and the right support system.

She found the right idea and the right technology to bring her vision to life through the University of Waterloo’s Commercialization Office (Watco). Watco complements the University’s “creator-owned” IP policy to help transfer research and innovation into the marketplace and fosters an environment where innovation can thrive and IP can be leveraged to create new opportunities.  

“I was looking for the right opportunity, so I approached the University of Waterloo to access some of their IP to commercialize,” Allen explained. “There were a variety of technologies at the University of Waterloo that, to me, were really interesting and had a lot of potential. The nano coatings and nano films in particular stood out because I have a background in nanomaterials, engineering, and physics so I understand the technology. But I had also been in the field of cleantech and had seen first hand where these nano coatings could be applied and really increase performance across a variety of fields.”

After successfully pitching her idea to Watco and gaining their support, Evelyn began working with the nanotech IP to make Evercloak a reality.

“IP is really the cornerstone of what enables us to be competitive as a company,” Evelyn said. “Having an IP strategy and a roadmap is really important … especially in Canada. Having access to funding to support that is really valuable. With early stage funding for startups – there’s limited funding for IP, but it’s such a cornerstone.”

Thanks to that research and the support of the University, Evercloak now has IP around the manufacturing process, allowing them to manufacture nanofilms in a way that was not previously possible to make large area, low cost coatings. The technology has applications across cleantech vertices including sustainable clean water initiatives. 

Today, Evelyn and her team work with a number of incubators and accelerator programs, including AC JumpStart and the Accelerator Centre’s TD Sustainable Future Program, to support the rapid growth and evolution of Evercloak.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Evelyn reflected on her current journey, on her success, and the role of female leaders in her own career. 

“For me, I was really lucky in my career because many of the senior leaders I was working with were women. That was the first time I had been able to see women in leadership and to see how they interact, how they carry themselves and just really learned a lot from them,” she recalled. “I think by increasing that and just getting more women into these fields, it really enables even more women to really see themselves in these roles.”

To learn more about Evercloak and their 2D nanocoatings, visit


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