COVID-19 FAQ for the Accelerator Centre Community

You have questions. We have answers.

March 16, 2020

Q. What is the AC’s update regarding the COVID-19 pandemic?

A. You can read our complete statement here. In essence, we have implemented a modified operational plan to continue business as (mostly) usual, while keeping the well-being of our clients, partners, staff, mentors, and community members top of mind, including the following measures:

  • All staff are working from home (near or far, we’re still here to best serve all clients and partners)
  • All meetings (including mentor meetings) will take place remotely
  • Events of any kind that were previously scheduled at any AC location are now cancelled or postponed
  • Buildings will be locked to the public while remaining accessible to all clients and tenants with access cards
  • Anyone who has recently returned from international travel is NOT permitted inside AC space of any kind prior to a 14-day self-quarantine  

Q. How will the Accelerator Centre continue to support my company?

A. The entire AC team remains dedicated to all clients and partners. We've made ourselves accessible to best serve the needs of our AC community members. The only difference to note is that we’re practicing social distancing: all staff, mentors and specialists are not working in-house at any AC facility. Therefore, all meetings will be conducted via phone or video call. All programming is continuing.

Q. Can I apply to the Accelerator Centre right now?

A. Absolutely. Applications for all open programs remain available to all entrepreneurs to apply to. Apply now here.

Q. Are your buildings still open/being cleaned?

A. All buildings are locked to the general public but will remain accessible to all clients and tenants who currently have access cards. All clients and tenants are strongly encouraged to work from home where possible. Anyone who has recently returned from international travel is NOT permitted inside AC space of any kind prior to a 14-day self-quarantine. All communal dishes in our kitchen facilities are banned from use. Please note that, similar to our winter holiday shutdown, services such as coffee delivery are cancelled. Cleaning services will continue with heightened diligence.

Q. Can I still meet a mentor face-to-face if they say it’s okay?

A. No. All AC meetings, including mentor meetings, can be conducted via phone or online utilizing video calls and screen sharing until further notice.  

Q. Do you have any resources for startups struggling to navigate these unprecedented times?  

A. We firmly believe that, as the #1 private business accelerator in Canada, we have the responsibility to support startups nationwide during this trying time by providing entrepreneurs with as much information as possible to get themselves, teams and companies through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please view and share our COVID-19 Resource Guide for Startups.

Q. I work out of one of your facilities. Can I still get my mail?

A. Yes. To best serve our clients operating out of our buildings, we have implemented a couple precautionary measures:

1) Packages will be delivered to our HQ and Advanced Manufacturing and Hardware Lab via a doorbell system. However, couriers must ring the bell and be let in by someone inside the building. If you are expecting a delivery, please make an effort to be at the building to respond to the doorbell. If the door is not answered, packages will be taken to the post depot and can be picked up using your tracking number. Please note that clients are strongly encouraged to have all mail and packages sent to their primary residence, or utilize online shipping/tracking systems to pick up deliveries at FedEx and UPS depots.

2) Mail will continue to be delivered in a secure mailbox system. An AC staff member will gather, sort and deliver the mail every Monday. At HQ, we have implemented a new mail filing system located behind the front desk. At our two labs, mail will be left in its typical place. If we find there is a high demand for mail services, we will implement more distribution days. Please note that, while our offices remain closed to the public, we are unable to offer outgoing mail services.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work diligently to provide our clients with the most helpful and thoughtful resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q. I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. What do I do?

A. It’s still (remote) business as usual for all AC staff and mentors. Please feel free to message your primary contact with any questions or concerns. If you don’t have a designated contact, please email us at

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