Cloud DX joins digital technology supercluster project dedicated to providing remote care and monitoring for outpatients during COVID-19 pandemic

The project is part of the Supercluster’s $60M investment to fight COVID-19, and will be used to monitor and communicate with 25,000 weekly outpatients.

June 8, 2020

The following is a news release issued by AC client Cloud DX.

Cloud DX today announced its participation in a new $1.4M Digital Technology Supercluster project led by BC-based digital healthcare company Curatio aimed at keeping Canadian patients healthy, connected and supported at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Stronger Together: Social Infrastructure for Community Health” project will combine Curatio’s private social network with Cloud DX’s remote patient monitoring platform, providing Canadian healthcare providers with an innovative, safe and scalable solution to support patients who have not been able to access traditional face-to-face outpatient programs due to COVID-19. The program will be used to monitor and communicate with 25,000 weekly outpatients. Participating healthcare providers include Interior Health Authority, University Health Network, Saskatchewan Health Authority and Wellness Garage.

“Cloud DX is pleased to join Curatio and the other outstanding partners on this project to help deliver the highest possible standard of virtual care to patients. This is especially critical now as the world strives to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovations in the delivery of remote and virtual care have the potential to impact many patients, improve outcomes and enable healthcare delivery efficiencies at a time where they have been never more needed,” says Cloud DX CEO Robert Kaul.

“For patients living with a chronic condition, experiencing a health challenge awaiting surgery, COVID19 has left them and their families without the support they need. At the same time, healthcare and community organizations desperately need new technologies that can be quickly rolled out to connect, support and deliver care at scale. At Curatio, we believe that no patient should be alone when facing a health issue. We are honoured to work with Cloud DX and our project partners to develop a single solution that has the potential to help all Canadians lead their healthiest, most connected lives,” says Lynda Brown-Ganzert, CEO of Curatio.

The Digital Technology Supercluster (the “Supercluster”) COVID-19 Program now includes a growing suite of projects offering solutions to urgent health care needs across Canada arising from COVID-19. The Stronger Together project will begin immediately and involves partners from across Canada including Cloud DX; Interior Health Authority; Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management at the University of British Columbia; University Health Network; Simon Fraser University; AGE-WELL NCE; Pacific Blue Cross; Wellness Garage; On Call Health and

This project is part of the Supercluster’s previously $60M investment to fight COVID-19, an investment designed to address some of the biggest hurdles facing Canada’s response to the virus, including the need for faster, more efficient detection and treatment, more effective resource allocation, more accurate diagnosis tools for communities located outside of urban centres and more widely available virtual care.

About Cloud DX

Cloud DX is a leader in digital healthcare with rapidly growing sales across North America. Our complete remote patient monitoring platform incorporates proprietary medical devices, mobile apps, clinical dashboards, artificial intelligence and EMR integration. In one recent third party study, Cloud DX technology reduced hospital admissions due to COPD while achieving 100% patient satisfaction. The company is the co-winner of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a Fast Company “World Changing Idea” finalist and the recent winner of the Waterloo MedTech Startup to Scale Up Award of Excellence.

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