Brink Bionics Completes First First VC Lead Funding Round

The $350,000 CAD in seed funding, brings the AC JumpStart alumni's total funding to $440,000.

September 16, 2020

Today, Brink Bionics has announced their fist VC lead funding round. The $350k investment, lead by RiSC Capital and Hello Ventures, will be used to bring Brink Bionics’ ‘Impulse’ product, a wearable glove that allows PC gamers to activate time-critical game commands directly to their nervous system, to market.

“The investment reflects our confidence in Canadian deep tech technology and entrepreneurs.”

Founded by Erik Lloyd, Ning Jiang, and Jiayuan He, out of the Engineering Bionics Lab at the University of Waterloo and housed at Velocity, The startup is looking to build gaming hardware that accesses the human nervous system.

“Brink Bionics’ approach will impact many industries, and esports is a perfect vertical,” said RiSC Capital co-founders Colin Webster and Scott Pelton in a joint statement.

Brink Bionics received the AC JumpStart grant from the Accelerator Centre in 2018.

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