Accelerator Centre wins 2018 Canadian FinTech & AI Accelerator of the Year Award

The Accelerator Centre has been named Accelerator of the Year by the Digital Finance Institute at the 2018 Canadian FinTech & AI Awards.

November 27, 2018

Waterloo, ON – November 27, 2018

The Accelerator Centre has been named Accelerator of the Year by the Digital Finance Institute at the 2018 Canadian FinTech & AI Awards.

The award recognizes the accelerator or incubator that has demonstrated success in helping FinTech or AI startups to launch their businesses and develop technology, or work with others in the sector to develop the most impactful innovative products or services. The award also highlights the importance of incubators and accelerators in fostering ecosystem support or other forms of support that advance innovation.

“We are incredibly proud to accept the Accelerator of the Year Award at this year’s Canadian FinTech & AI Awards,“ says Accelerator Centre CEO, Paul Salvini. “Each year, we work with an average of 100 new startups and approximately half of those companies are currently working with AI technologies or are innovating in FinTech; it is an exciting space that is going to continue to grow and change the world around us.”

In addition to working with AI and Fintech startups in Kitchener-Waterloo, the Accelerator Centre is expanding its impact by partnering with other innovation hubs across Canada, including the University of Guelph and Invest Ottawa, to create new programming options for entrepreneurs in those regions that leverage the AC’s award-winning program model.

“Our goal in licensing The Accelerator Program™ is to share best practices and our program model with innovation hubs across Canada so that our programming can create and support even more innovative companies in AI and FinTech and other emerging sectors across Canada,” says Salvini. “Our goal is to drive innovation and economic growth across the country.”

In 12 years of operation, the AC has worked with over 500 startup companies that have raised over $560M of investment and created over 3,000 full time jobs in the region. Their portfolio of graduate companies, including Kik, Miovision, Axonify, SSIMWAVE, FindBob Inc, Magnet Forensics, Clearpath Robotics, and eleven-x are the best-of-the-best in the local innovation ecosystem and represent over $3B in corporate value.“We are grateful for this recognition of our programming and of the success of our client companies,” says Salvini. “We are looking forward to continuing to support and connect entrepreneurs to the product development, mentorship, and funding opportunities they need to be successful and contributing to making Canada a world leader in AI and FinTech innovation.

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