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With a focus on cross-platform play and a history in game development giants, our team is creating a movement, powered by games that are just plain fun to play. Bring down the borders. End the console wars. Pick up your controller and let's game with purpose.

With clever engineering and thoughtful design, we're on a mission to say goodbye to the concept of "disposable furniture" while providing the most unique, flexible, and creative furniture solution ever made.

We are leaders in our field in bringing to market a live cell in-home collection and cryopreservation service that will enable consumers everywhere to take advantage of one of the largest disruptions in personal healthcare.

Reengages youth to take back their playgrounds by initiating fun, inclusive, and healthy physical play. This solves bullying and social-emotional issues that are preventing youth from striving in today’s world. Active8 Box Inc can be implemented in any school and can empower all youth.

We bring digital solutions to life for agriculture and agri-food companies and organizations in both the public and private sector.

We have developed a product called CARL. CARL is your patient simulator for training, research, and product demonstrations. Backed by three-years of R&D at Western University, CARL's ears are developed from patient-CT data to recreate the most realistic ears models available today.

Alaunus gets rid of your paperwork with our all in one back office platform The only back office software you need. Goodbye spreadsheets, faxes, & paperwork and hello hugs – Alaunus is like having a team of experts help run your day-to-day business for you

Alert Labs is building IoT hardware, software, web-based, and mobile solutions targeted at protecting our customers' homes and properties. We cover a wide range of technologies to create innovative products.

We simply connect people who want to rent out their games to fellow gamers for very reasonable prices. Call us the UBER for games! A user- friendly web and mobile app design for users to easily rent and list games.

Unconstrained Motion Tracking Hardware and software that allows you to seamlessly record and analyze 3D human motion. Collect full body movement data in any environment without having to use tracking markers or any other wearable sensors.

Arc Home was a consumer electronics company that created a room-by-room temperature control system for homes. Our goal was to make people's home more comfortable while helping them save energy, and help simply use of home automation products.

Intelligent Audit. Introducing financial automation. Paradigm’s platform helps business in regulated industries meet regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions, reduce operational costs, and protect against reporting errors and omissions.

We print invisible serial numbers onto brand labels that can be read using a smartphone. These serial numbers remain on the product for its entire life and are used to verify provenance/authenticity after point of sale.

AVIAS provides technology and application integration solutions to your organization, based on a consultative process, bringing you options to meet your budget, timeline, needs and expectations.

Avro Life Science is developing skin patches for generic drug delivery, focusing on therapeutics for children and the elderly. The core of our technology is a novel biopolymer which is used as a platform for passive transdermal drug delivery of small molecules and drugs.

We have developed a web-based platform that enables easy creation of virtual reality experiences. We are currently working on making the platform available to those wishing to create their own VR experiences.

We not only help make travel on a budget possible, we also make it easy. Whether you’re a traveller who wants to visit somewhere new or a bed owner who wants to make your accommodation available for booking, we are working to make that possible from any device.

A health platform built for practitioners to engage patients. Boost patient retention by delivering an amazing patient experience automaticakky, based on evidence.

Betterworth is a cognitive AI platform designed for the financial services industry. We provide a better advisor and client relationship by leveraging cognitive science and artificial intelligence.

3D printers, 3D printing software, 3D Printing Filament

Robust, easy to use software and committed team of self-starters providing fast and reliable customer service. We are chalk full of Software Engineering expertise and ready to automate routine inspection tasks to let you focus on meaningful work.

Ear-O-Smart is proud to introduce a new segment in wearable technology. Joule, is the world’s first universal smart earring backing (patent pending), which is taking the wearables market by storm, and paving the way to the future of fashion technology.

Save money by renting the dress that was only going to be worn once anyway, without sacrificing design, flatter, or quality. With Made2Flatter designs, BridesMade dresses have been specially designed to fit & flatter all body types.

Our patent pending product (Smart Bandage) is in the space of IoT & Medical technology, targeting patients with chronic wounds, with the aim to improve their quality of life & simultaneously ease the burden on the health system.

The Axo Hand is Brink Bionics flagship technology. The Axo Hand is a six degree of freedom myo-electric hand prosthesis, designed for adults with below-elbow limb differences. It has been developed in the Engineering Bionics Lab at the University of Waterloo.

Brisk Synergies delivers solutions that assist urban planners and engineers to quickly and easily collect, monitor and analyze traffic movement video data. This information allows cities to make smarter traffic infrastructure decisions to increase mobility and reduce collisions and injuries.

The only app that allows you to layer your choice of adjustable beats behind any podcast for a more energetic workout.

Bykart Software Ltd. provides process improvement and automation software that helps Hospitals and Cancer Centres improve their overall operations.

We’re here to make preventative care accessible to every pet parent. Milo is a comprehensive app for creating, launching and managing preventative healthcare plans for veterinary practices.

Cardinote Inc. is a Canadian company focused on engineering leading-edge musical equipment and software. Founded in 2014, we strive to design products that are just like musical instruments — functional in design yet beautiful.

Cardio Square’s highly effective, non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring solution will revolutionize care for critically ill patients. Our breakthrough technology promises to reduce the risk of treatment complications, which often result in extended ICU hospitalizations.

Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water. CataLight cartridges can be easily integrated within many different kinds of water storage containers. With no complex maintenance required, using our filters is as easy as pouring dirty water in and getting clean water out.

Chillwall is a Deep Learning Personality AI Startup powered by Emotion AI. Betty, our human-like intelligence predicts your customer’s desires and interests. Grow your sales with our Data Mining consulting services or power your guest experience with our AI Virtual Concierge.

Click2Refund is a service that helps airline passengers get compensation from airlines for hassles they are subjected to, such as cancelled flights, denied boarding, or long flight delays on incoming and outgoing flights within Europe.

Closed Caption Creator is a free online application used to manually create and edit subtitles. By popular demand, we've also created a paid version that is available for offline use.

Alpine racing athlete development software.Providing the tools and knowledge to focus on the process.Coachable takes an athlete-centric approach.

Cohesys uses inspiration from nature to create superior, next generation surgical adhesives. Using a flexible, degradable tape and adhesive system, we aim to reduce the time and complications typically associated with Craniomaxillofacial bone fractures procedures, while improving patient outcomes.

CoinValue is a technology coompany that has developed a coin counter. The process of counting coins manually is a very time consuming and tedious job. Coin sorters are common in North America and can be found in most commercial banks and even some grocery stores.

Curiato's flagship product, Ceylon Systems, is a combination of an intelligent microclimate mat that retrofits existing healthcare beds and collects data from existing EMRs for early detection of pressure injuries (commonly referred to as bedsores).

Cya.Live is an immersive social broadcast platform for shared real-time experiences. It lets content producers broadcast synchronized interactive and collaborative events to large-scale virtual audiences in real-time.

We create an order of magnitude improvement and new standard for mental and physiological health care. Leveraging neuroscience, deep positive psychology and deep physiology, our proprietary content and platform ultimately helps people rapidly achieve happiness, health and higher performance.

Robotic solutions to save land, limbs and lives. Helping the world remove landmines and UXOs safely and efficiently to realize a future without landmines.

Derisk was founded on the tenets of security that breach is inevitable and that there is no silver bullet. The best things organizations can do to stay out of the news is to follow basic security hygiene practices and to make continual improvements.

Cyclops is equipped with a high precision monochrome imaging processor which gives it the ability to track an infrared light positioned in front of it up to 200 times per second. Here is how it works:

An organization driven by mobilizing data solutions to connect the needs of both organizations and their members

Custom jewelry We aren’t in the jewelry business…We help you capture life’s remarkable moments and turn them into treasured memories.

DocTalk allows you to easily connect with your doctor and skip the hassle of an in-person visit. Users can chat with their doctors, obtain prescriptions and share new reports with their doctors – all from the comfort of their home or on-the-go!

Custom microfluidic solutions. DropLab helps integrate microfluidics into your products quickly and efficiently.

Where Artificial Intelligence meets Water Operational staff make hundreds of decisions when controlling critical infrastructure. We help them make the right ones at the right time.

We provide On-Demand and Turnkey marketing support when you need it most.

A community engagement platform that actually works. EPOCH helps HR teams build impactful cultures to attract and meaningfully engage talent. We are focused on social impact and the future of work for businesses.

EXO Insights is the powerful and versatile research, training and process optimization platform that gives you a competitive edge.

Revolutionizing the automated pick-up of residential curbside waste Boost efficiency and save time and costs with Eagle Vision System’s intelligent cart recognition system.

We are a solution-focused tech company revolutionising the international application process. Our team of experts connects with students worldwide, assisting them with our platform and services. The platform is intuitive, personalised and uniquely designed to help everyone succeed.

A second life for ev batteries introducing a portable power provider that repurposes electric vehicle batteries for efficient, low emission solutions.

eleven-x offers complete low power solutions that last more than 10 years and require almost zero-maintenance for low total cost of ownership.

Elucid Labs™ aims to democratize AI-powered point-of-care medicine by performing digital biopsy. AIDA™ is our first device, designed to detect and diagnose dermatological disease without the need for invasive procedures.

We use technology to elevate the conversation around personal financial management, educate people about money and how it works, and enhance the relationship people have with their financial advisers. We can help with the emergence of a global financially literate society.

Emmetros helps people at various stages of their care journey to live independently and with dignity. We do this through software product development, research projects, volunteer work, and strategic partnerships.

EnPowered allows everyday consumers to control their electricity. EnPowered is able to provide the lowest electricity rates using our AI algorithms which can predict spikes in electricity prices, allowing customers to reduce usage during these spikes and save up to 50% on their electricity costs.

At Enabling Adaptations, caregivers can reach out to speak directly to a pediatric Occupational Therapist regarding the challenges their child is facing. Together strategies are discussed and resources provided to empower parents to feel confident in being able to help their children succeed.

English Never Stops is your opportunity to learn English in a new, innovative way. You will collaborate with like minded learners, many of which are from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, to improve your English and succeed in Canada.

Eve Tab is your Nightclub Bar Tab. Pre-pay for bar tab to skip the line and enter for free. Guest list and bottle service were a thing of the past. Eve Tab’s on-demand VIP service allows members to gain instant access to Toronto’s best nightclubs without lines, hassles, or tickets.

Technology has the power to change lives. We are devoted to bringing life-changing innovations to the people who need them.

ExVivo Labs is developing an easy to use allergy test that can accurately identify environmental and food allergy sensitivities without the need for reactions on the patient's skin.

EXPEFLOW is a Cloud-based, secure, centrally administered claims management platform for medical and healthcare claims that streamlines processes, increases team collaboration, elevates compliance and provides business intelligence and analytics not previously available.

EyeCheck began after founders Ashu, Daxal and Rachel learned that at least 700 million people remain only a prescription away from clear vision. They resolved to combine their backgrounds in engineering, business and international development to solve this problem.

FTD Highrise Inspection Inc. uses drones to take detailed pictures of outside walls, balconies, windows, railings, ledges, bays and the decorative mouldings at the tops of buildings.

FTD Highrise Inspection Inc. uses drones to take detailed pictures of outside walls, balconies, windows, railings, ledges, bays and the decorative mouldings at the tops of buildings.

The mission of Fidget Toys Ltd. is to be a leader in innovative design of tools and toys that alleviate stress, and increase concentration. We are focusing on disrupting the current learning environments for children that fall on the autism spectrum.

Agent & Advisor Intelligence for the Financial Service Industry. We're the platform built to help protect and grow your company's assets.

We are a UK-Canada based fintech venture production studio. The F/T hub incubates spoke ventures through development, resource sharing, investment, and joint ventures

Finservices bridges the gap between Chinese tourist and Canadian retailers can now collect mobile payments from Chinese tourist who in turn can now pay for goods and services with the ease of their mobile phone using WeChat.

Time is precious — Flipd helps you spend it well. Whether to prep for an exam or examine your thoughts, Flipd helps you celebrate all of life's Mindful Moments, big and small.

Folktale is an all-in-one mobile solution which aims to give users the power to be understood through meaningful video creation. The Folktale app is, an award-winning collaborative storytelling studio committed to telling and sharing stories through the best possible means.

Sales accountability made easy. With FunnelCake, visibility into sales performance drives accountability and changes rep behavior. Instead of traditional dashboards, every metric in FunnelCake is tied to an action your team can take to drive revenue.

The GainX platform readily analyses information flow using data you already have - in just days. No integrations required. Accurate and relevant dashboards for unparalleled insights and predictions across complex change programs including projects - people and processes.

GamerLink is a gaming tool that allows gamers to connect with other gamers for better online multiplayer experiences. We help gamers to discover others to play with online, and overall improve a users gaming experience.

We are committed to the development and commercialization of innovative, affordable, rapid and portable water testing and treatment solutions for public and industrial water suppliers in order to prevent potential outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

We break down decades of film screenplays into 40,000+ unique plot elements and analyze over 200 million audience profiles to answer the following three questions: What content do people want to see? Who are your core audience? How to reach your core audience?

With the use of machine learning, the GX-420 will analyze the patterns of an individual's physiological signs to acuratly screen impairment in the given moment. The GX-420 will be able to screen impairment from mono and polydrug use, quite importantly; cannabis, cocaine & opiat.

HH Development provides software solutions and technical services to the motorsport industry. Our flagship product, HH Timing, is used by leading motorsport organizations for race timing and strategy analysis.

HWKI Inc. develops a wearable camera that fits on the helmet of athletes. Its device is designed to allow athletes record, assess, and train their performance through the video.

HealthIM’s vision is to assist law enforcement, first responders, and health care professionals to better manage incidents involving persons with serious mental disorders who are in crisis.

Healthy Pets simplifies pet parents' access to pet care through a convenient, on-demand, and affordable way to connect online to a trusted network of local veterinarians.

We believe we have created the most versatile umbrella with a fully carbon fiber architecture, interchangeable canopy capability, and an automotive inspired suspension system to combat even the most chaotic winds. Truly a product proud enough to declare the last umbrella you will ever buy!

HiRide is a carpooling app for long distance travel, with the mission to improve the interaction between riders and drivers. Targeting post-secondary students, our goal has always been to provide our users with utmost trust, transparency, accountability and safety.

We are a consumer branded digital platform that is reinventing Community Engagement and making workplace experiences better, easier, and more rewarding.

In Africa, it is a nightmare for teachers and students to find quality educational resources that go beyond traditional textbooks. HITCH solves this problem by allowing students and teachers to advance beyond their current resources, and graduate to world-class educational videos.

HodlBot is a customizable Binance trading bot that enables users to index the market, create custom portfolios, and automatically rebalance their cryptocurrency portfolios.

A performance-based dynamic cross promotional system that connects the right Clients to the right Professionals!

We able customers to realize dramatic efficiency and productivity gains through advanced data transformation and asset monitoring. We provide hardware and software solutions that can be used to monitor, transform, and transmit data in real time via wireless or wired connections worldwide.

We're not in the ad targeting business but we do build on it. At InstApp we take the game to the next level by incentivizing customers to share store promotions and their shopping experiences with their smartphone contacts.

IntelliCulture's mission is to make farming more profitable through intelligent data analytics. We provide farms with the tools to monitor their equipment and be able to make meaningful business decisions from that data.

We help builders market and sell new homes faster, at premium prices, using stunning visualizations. Our virtual model homes, let buyers feel like they've stepped into their dream home on mobile devices, tablets, TV touchscreens, and virtual reality headsets.

Invitalize is a Social Enterprise* that aims to brighten lives! ​We provide phototherapy solutions for wellness and healthcare. Over the last 2 years, invitalize worked to optimize phototherapy methods for managing musculoskeletal pain.

Located in Toronto, Ivory Digital Denture is a state of the art new method for fitting and fabricating dentures. Ivory Digital Denture’s proprietary methodology leverages the latest developments in 3D scanning and printing technologies to change the way dentures are designed and built.

We provide On-Demand Home Care Services. We save you time by taking care of all the chores around your house!

KTS is a leader in Enterprise Mobility Management training. Our team of certified instructors will educate your administrators & support staff on the latest features of BlackBerry UEM, BES12, Good and Workspaces.

Our purpose is to inspire and develop the next generation of problem solvers, utilizing AI-powered instructional guidance systems to unlock every math teacher’s full potential.