“I was always an entrepreneur at heart. From lemonade stands as a kid to selling hats out of my locker in high school to being very involved at the AC, Communitech and Velocity in university, I’ve always been into the startup scene. It’s always interested me. I was working in shipping and receiving in the summers—which was way outside my field because I was actually a biology student—but I was just doing the job to help pay for university. I would get upset customers every day complaining that they took the day off work just to pick up one or two orders. They had to do that because delivery options were crazy expensive or would take way too long.

I heard of a company solving the delivery problem in the construction industry, and I thought that was really cool and referred customers to them. I took the concept with me back to university. Because I had a car, everyone was asking me to get them groceries. So I had the idea that, hey, this is how I’m going to pay for my living expenses. A friend built me a scraper and I went out to 42 local retailers and convinced them to let me scrape their websites. I put this all up on Shopify and put posters all over campus and Waterloo. It started off as a way to make money to pay for my school but realizing how much we were impacting the community really made me want to keep going.

TyItGO provides brick and mortar retailers and ecommerce brands with same-day delivery under their own brand name using gig economy drivers. So essentially our retailers get their own orders through their own sales channels, they tell us when and where to deliver, and we take care of the rest. We’re empowering retailers to compete with giants like Amazon. The fact that we’re able to help entrepreneurs survive in this current environment really matters to me.”

- Jaden Pereira, Founder and CEO of TyItGO

Ready to create value through optimizing and managing your delivery logistics? Hit the road with great service from tyltgo.com.

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