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“I love how everything interconnects with each other. The tech portion we’re used to—that’s the easy part for us. But the sales and the marketing and everything that comes along with it…it’s been a really cool experience to get to be totally hands-on and involved in the entire process. It gives me a whole new appreciation for founders and people going on this entrepreneurial journey. It’s a crazy ride no matter what you’re doing. I think it’s great to be part of this community of founders, especially here in the Waterloo Region. Seeing the support people give you and the enthusiasm they have for what you’re doing means so much.

 We build tech products for the sports industry. Our first product, BOWdometer, is for archery and helps to elevate the archer’s experience. It’s like a Fitbit for your bow. It helps archers track their practice shots and maintain their gear.

Unfortunately, we launched our product in March 2020. Right when the economy was shutting down from the pandemic. It was bad timing, but unless we had a crystal ball, there’s nothing we would do differently. All of a sudden, we had to really pivot. We had to switch our focus to online direct sales. That meant putting together a Shopify site really quickly, like in an hour one morning. But it’s been great! We’re closer to our customers because we interact directly with them. It’s been a journey. We weren’t planning on shipping directly to customers as much as we have, and now we’ve expanded into Europe and Australia, too. We’ve learned a lot along the way. What will work, what won’t work, and continuously tweaking things. We were able to keep pushing through because of access to funding programs like AC JumpStart to help stretch our finances. Things keep going, they just take time. We just secured a distribution deal in Europe, and a really cool partnership coming up that I’m really excited about. It’s a testament to our team and the archery community for all of the help they’ve given us. Things are picking up traction, and it’s exciting. Things are different than we had planned because of COVID, but I think it’s different in a really positive way.

It’s been a rollercoaster but where things are right now is a really cool place to be.”

-Marianne Bell, Co-Founder of Toxon Technologies

Love archery or looking to pick up a new hobby? Make your shots count by checking out  Learn more about Toxon Technologies at

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