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“If I asked a younger version of myself where I’d be right now, I never would have expected to be in Canada, having my own company, running a project that I really believe will change whole companies and industries—I never would have believed it. I’m from Chile in South America. A really small town in the south of like 20,000 people, far away from the capital. From that small town, I moved to Santiago. Then an opportunity came up to move to Canada. So I thought, oh, I’ll move to Canada to try it out to see how living and working in another country is. I said to my girlfriend at the time, “let’s go to Canada for one year.” Now it’s been almost five years, one baby, and my wife—she is my wife now—just got accepted to do her PhD at the University of Waterloo. I’m so thankful to Canada for giving opportunities to everyone who comes to the country.

The Owl Solutions is one platform for all supply chain needs so companies can finally stop using multiple spreadsheets. Sometimes finding opportunities between a series of spreadsheets and disconnected information is a challenge. Normally companies spend 80% of the time cleaning up their data rather than analyzing. It’s a mess. It happens in all domains but in the supply chain industry, you have so many areas like procurement, management, distribution, transportation, warehouse storage…it’s too much data for any person. It gets really complex and nasty. It doesn’t matter the size of the company or industry; it happens across the board. If you’re spending all of your time tracking and analyzing data on a spreadsheet, you need to do things differently.

A younger version of myself would never believe I’d be here today. I thought it wasn’t possible. I’m very thankful. Dreams do come true.” -Miguel Gallardo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of The Owl Solutions


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