“When I first came to Canada, I didn’t speak any English. I had to hire an immigration agency to help me with my international student study application. They told me the first thing I had to do was apply to school, and that they had a great school for me to apply to that was the fourth-best university in British Columbia. Me and my family were very excited. After I got approved, I packed my bag and arrived in BC only to learn that there are exactly four universities in the whole province. So that made me feel a bit frustrated because I was misled. I faced a lot of difficulties because I didn’t speak the local language and I didn’t know where to look for help. It took me a year to apply to other schools and I even almost got kicked out of the country for accidentally submitting a wrong application. So that’s what inspires me. I wanted to find a solution for people like me to help solve their visa problems. I’ve been working in the industry for eight years now and I still haven’t seen anyone else working to improve transparency in the immigration process, and definitely no one working to make it more affordable for everyone. So I thought: I’m going to do it.

According to the UN, there were 272 million international migrants in 2019. So many people get literally stuck in countries because they have the wrong visas and permits. It’s really easy to have happen because there are hundreds of different applications. SuperVisas helps people to move from one country to another by identifying which program is the best for them, and by checking their eligibility before they pay one penny to us so we make sure we can actually help them. We differentiate ourselves by leveraging technology to be more transparent, affordable and timely. We shorten the entire process from weeks to hours.

We launched our MVP in April 2020 by offering Canadian visa services first. Six months later, we have six-figures in revenue and a 98% customer approval rate. We want to empower people who want to move from one country to another to change their life. And we are.”

-Sean Fu, Founder and CEO of SuperVisas

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