Nominal Controls

“I saw my dad’s failed attempt at starting his own business. He had a really bright idea, he started something but made no progress for ten years. I don’t think he could’ve made progress because he was the sole income provider of the family, so he couldn’t take that risk. That’s why I got to do it. Some family members tried talking me out of being an entrepreneur. Like: “why don’t you just find a proper job?” and “just make sure you shut it down early.” You just have to deal with people trying to do that. I learned to ignore it. And, well, they don’t say it anymore after seeing the technical accomplishments we have made.

I have a need to solve different problems. When I see a problem, I often just go out of my way to discover a solution. Our mission is to develop technology for the benefit of entire industries. We supply advanced sensors and switches to a variety of different industries like automation, automotive, renewable energy. We’ve developed technologies that are truly unique and innovative. We’ve enabled new applications; even some were previously thought to be technically impossible or unfeasible. But we’re making it happen.

When I first started the company, I had a part-time job. It was so difficult to do all the work that had to be done and to make time to socialize. I had a falling out with my friends. It’s a difficult balancing act and a big trade-off. But I’m sure all entrepreneurs have to make sacrifices.

It’s been worth it. Definitely. I get to work with top engineers from amazing companies all around the world. It’s very exciting. And when clients sincerely thank you for solving their problems…that’s the best feeling. It’s priceless.” – Peter Zhang, Assistant Manager of Nominal Controls

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