Movia Media

“I mean, you wouldn’t be much of a startup if everything always went well. You always run into stuff that you never really know. It’s always interesting getting into new industries and learning the nuances of what’s going on. There’s been a lot of learning curves where you think that something makes sense, but that’s just not how something is in the industry. You have to be persistent and consistent. I was looking to do something big. I’ve had a few other startups and some of them went better than others. I don’t want to build something that only has a projected growth of so far. The ad world right now is a large market and no one else is doing this.

We are digitizing physical, real-world ads and connecting them to the online, digital world, making us more accountable, measurable, trackable, and relevant. We do truck-side mobile advertising by partnering with trucking companies and put ads on their trucks. Our focal point is our technology. We have GPS and impression analytics through WIFI and Bluetooth that pick up available signals so we know which phones and people come in contact with the ads to report the analytics to customers on a live, customer-facing dashboard. We also pair this data into mobile device retargeting, so if someone sees the truck, they will later see corresponding ads on their phone.

For every truck with ads that we put on the road each month, we plant 100 trees. So far we’ve planted over 55,000 trees. We have a one million tree goal.”

- Casey Binkley, Founder and CEO of Movia Media


The world is changing. Shouldn’t the way you advertise? Head to to be a part of the movement. Literally.

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