At Lumos Health, we are a team of engineers, doctors and scientists making the next generation of wearable technology for sleep, mood and wellness. We started with a simple goal, to make light therapy more accessible to people and developed our first product Lumos Lux (, a pair of light therapy glasses with a proprietary nano-coating that enables the glasses to look similar to a regular pair of glasses, which is a form factor that no other light therapy devices have attempted to do. We took this product to the Consumer Electronics Show and named one of the hottest sleep technology startups of 2020.

Since then, we have improved upon our glasses to include bluetooth low energy, skin and ambient light sensors, and began investing in eye tracking, EEG and sweat analysis research.

Our team has also grown to include some of the world’s leading experts on sleep health and neurobiology. Members of our company such as Lucas Tang, Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, and Dr. Shannon Sullivan, sit on various Consumer Technology Association Standards Programs, next to representatives from companies such as Apple, Google, and Philips as we lead the way in setting standards for future consumer digital health diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

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