“It’s chaos as a parent. You’re just trying to find your kids help to give them the best shot at prosperity and you don’t know where to turn. So we’re on a mission to be the go-to resource for families beyond the classroom. We really want to have an environment where parents can go and get access to the best curated help in the most affordable and effective way. 

My co-founder, new to town, was looking for something mid-career to do differently. We’re both parents of kids who are in the school system and realized there’s a lot of extra need. We got together and realized there’s a whole segment of private education that’s unregulated and growing like crazy that we can help with technology. We started down the path of talking to a bunch of tutoring companies and uncovered that there’s 120,000 solopreneurs’ tutoring businesses across North America that struggle to find leads and manage the administration of their business. Then, when you look at it from the other side of the students and parents, they’re after that fit that is maybe lacking in the classroom. So we’re looking to bring both parties together efficiently.

I think education is one of the critical success factors in the prosperity of our society and it’s falling apart at the moment. We have this age-old system that doesn’t keep up with modern learner needs. We have the systems and processes in disarray in this very moment because of the switch to digital learning in the pandemic. We’re helping to calm the chaos by helping parents find the right educators to fill the gaps for their children.

We didn’t come into this as new grads building a startup. We’re experienced operators and had a bunch of ideas as to how it would play out. But there’s so much learning every single day. That in itself has been worth it, but the cause is so important, too. We think that working for all of our children and the next generation to actually have equal access to quality education is the most important thing. We started with tutoring, but we’re on a path to deliver a lot more than that.” -Ryan McCartney, Co-Founder and CEO of LumenEd

Whether you’re an educator, student or parent: if you love to teach or if you’d like to learn, you won’t want to miss checking out


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