“We set really hard goals and we dream big. Being open with our team when things get tough and celebrating the little wins makes the journey all more meaningful. Startups are hard, and everyday is a new challenge. Whenever we receive a rejection of any nature, we always write it down and ask "why not?"

We enable software development teams to collaborate amongst each other, and with other members of the organization. If a marketer on your team needs to run advertisements on a website, the developer can simply send a preview URL link that mimics the look of what the customer experiences. It reduces collaboration friction and even helps teammates work remotely across time zones, especially when collaboration doesn't happen as effortlessly as it does in a physical office. 

Has it been worth it? Absolutely! We have the best job in the entire world. Our mission is to help technology forward businesses disrupt their industries. Software is so scalable, and has the ability to make a positive impact in just about every industry. Being able to provide value to those building great technology by being their source of truth is the most rewarding experience our LayerCI team gets. The confidence we see in developers that work with us, the velocity of their product builds and the increased levels of collaboration we help enable is a joy to be a part of!”

-Lyn Chen, Co-Founder and COO of LayerCI

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