Heirlume has innovated the trademark registration process. Trademark registration is required to own a company name, product name, logo, and even a domain name. The process of registering trademarks is complicated and you really need to work with an expert to get it right. It’s this friction of having to work slowly with lawyers that leaves hundreds of thousands of small and medium enterprises unprotected when it comes to trademarks. Failing to protect company trademarks can mean failure for a business and that can happen overnight. Heirlume solves this multi-billion-dollar problem. We empower business owners to search and file their own trademarks quickly and affordably to a professional standard.

I think a lot of female founders have complex family situations at home and have traditionally been left out of these incredible, transformative opportunities like world-class accelerator programs. For me, the initial point of adversity was due to the fact that I’m a female founder and a mom. A relatively new mom to children with high needs. My kids are adopted and have needs that require me to be at home with them. A lot of accelerators make you partake physically in the space, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. There was no way for me to handle that as a founder, and I’m so thankful that the AC met me where I am and enabled me to do virtual accelerator programming.

We really believe—and I think COVID-19 has shown this to all of us, even though we knew it before—that small and medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. We want to ensure that entrepreneurs can afford the building blocks to have a business. This is a process that has generally been more exclusive to businesses that are more established with deeper pockets while small business owners are essentially bullied out of their brand. I’ve literally had business owners cry to me on the phone that they’ve lost everything overnight. It’s heartbreaking.

We’re allowing business owners the coverage that they need to know that once they start their business, it’s secure, they own it, and they can continue investing in it.”

-Julie MacDonell, Co-Founder and CEO of Heirlume

Heirlume makes the complex process of trademarking fast, accurate, and affordable. Protect your business by visiting heirlumeco.com.

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