Emergency Response Africa

“We know what it’s like to have a medical emergency. I had one with my son. We were in Canada, and thankfully he got help. Maame, my co-founder, had a medical emergency in her family where her grandmother was sick—she passed away because she couldn’t get help in time. So, for both of us, we’ve had those experiences, but we also grew up seeing a lot of people who needed help in emergencies who just couldn’t get it. It’s an area of the health sector that is really overlooked and we want to help solve that.

We are a healthtech startup that is providing fast, safe and affordable emergency medical care across Africa. We’re starting in Nigeria and our goal is that anyone who has a medical emergency can get the help they need in under ten minutes. There’s an estimate that about 100,000 lives would be saved in Nigeria alone every year if they just had an effective EMS system. So for us, the thought that we could help to save that many lives is huge. We also see this as an opportunity to create economic opportunities for healthcare professionals that enables them to use skills that they already have while earning extra income. That translates into the larger community because they will be able to better support their families, which makes an overall impact on the healthcare sector. As much as we want to save lives, we also see this as an opportunity to create economic empowerment as well.

When I think of the lives that we are going to be able to save and all of the things that we will be able to do, it’s attributed back to support we’ve gotten from the Accelerator Centre and the Conrad School at University of Waterloo. We need to continue to support global ideas. If there’s anything that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we really are living in a global village. What happens thousands of miles away can and will affect us. Whatever we can do from wherever we are to support work that’s going on internationally, it’s worth doing.”

-Folake Owodunni, Co-Founder and CEO of Emergency Response Africa 

Support our global village by helping to transform emergency medical care in Africa by visiting emergencyresponseafrica.com.

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