With innovation happening at an incredible speed in the digital asset space, there’s a risk that Canada will lose its sitting as a top tier participant in the international capital markets. As one of the G7 members, we have a very advanced economy and financial system, and we need to ensure this remains the case in the decades to come. That’s what drives us. We want to see native digital asset infrastructure happen, and we want to see it happen at home. That’s why we’ve built Balance, Canada’s most trusted digital asset custodian. We’re more than just a secure storage service. Our transfer infrastructure and deep integrations ecosystem partners for liquidity and yield make our solution one of a kind.

The mission we’re on is a very challenging one. Compliance is at the core of our solution and regulatory requirements aren’t always easy to meet. We’re also dealing with very large volumes of money, where the risk is extremely high, and the returns are very low if you want to provide a competitive service to clients and survive in the market. It’s also a very capital-intensive category to build in, where you’re usually looking at $10 million to $15 million just to get going and pilot a product. We’ve managed to be very lean and scrappy throughout the process and built a viable business with a tenth of that. We’ve been live and serving clients for over a year and I’d personally argue that we have the best solution currently available in Canada. You don’t have to pick between first, best, cheapest, and fastest, with us you get all four.

Disrupting old industries really comes down to delivering ten times the product with a tenth of the budget. It’s a tough challenge, arduous at times, but we don’t shy away from those. We’re confident we can take this over the finish line.”

- George Bordianu, Co-founder and CEO of Balance

Building a digital asset business? Do it confidently knowing your assets are secure. Visit to learn more about Balance’s custody solution.

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