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We are Canada's #1 private business accelerator and we're ready to help.

We work with entrepreneurs across Canada and offer a holistic, milestone-based program that helps you get sales, attract investors, and build your company from startup to scale.

Our mission is to help you be successful
now and in the long-term.

The Program is Divided Into 4 Customized Phases

Startups accepted into the program get the support of our programming team and world class mentors as they launch and grow their businesses.

Phase 1: Explore

Discover a product someone wants

Phase 2: Build

Develop a solid business foundation

Phase 3: Grow

Expand your customer base and REVENUE

Phase 4: Scale

READY for global success
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Don't Take Our Word For It

This is what our graduates have to say.

Dr. Abdul Rehman


"When we started, we were engineers. We had no business experience. Working through the program with the mentors gave us the confidence to grow our business knowing that whatever challenges we ran into, someone at the AC would be there to help us put the pieces of the puzzle together. They gave us the confidence to be successful."

Nadia Hamilton

CEO, Magnus Mode

"The mentorship at the Accelerator Centre has been so helpful in several areas including sales, product development, human resources, and marketing. I feel they are part of a broader team, working together to build a foundation that will enable us to scale operations across North America and worldwide."

George Tsintzouras

President, Alert Labs

“The unique needs of our growing hardware company were specifically met at the Hardware and Advanced Manufacturing Lab in downtown Kitchener. We were able to design and manufacture our products in a purpose-built space, while benefiting from the support of the Accelerator Centre’s mentors and our peers.”

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