Current Clients

EasyTransfer is a platform designed for international students that connects them with educational institutions, payment platforms and other services to make it easier and faster for them to settle down overseas. The only challenge that international students should have is to earn their diploma.

A unique European genius-inventor surrounded by a talented team of professionals - Advanced Materials & Propulsion Engineering & Research Inc. (AMPERe) is the Research & Development company that has the best engine on the planet surpassing all existing internal combustion engines by the decades.

We create intuitive healthcare products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes. Our product Karie is a personal health companion that organizes, schedules, and dispenses pills with one-button technology, ensuring that patients are taking the right medication at the right time.

BANEKS is the first shared currency platform in the world. Our vision is to make everyone to be a Banker, and make money by sharing their currency with the users who need it. By doing that, our users can get the best experience of cross border remittance.

We make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple - and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions.

BioBox provides the first full circle solution to effective, environmentally friendly food waste disposal.

Save money by renting the dress that was only going to be worn once anyway, without sacrificing design, flatter, or quality. With Made2Flatter designs, BridesMade dresses have been specially designed to fit & flatter all body types.

Brisk Synergies delivers solutions that assist urban planners and engineers to quickly and easily collect, monitor and analyze traffic movement video data. This information allows cities to make smarter traffic infrastructure decisions to increase mobility and reduce collisions and injuries.

Deep Pattern Technologies Inc. helps enterprise to turn data into actionable business insights to assist decision support using cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques

Derisk offers an AI-powered SaaS security solution for small and medium businesses which intelligently assesses their cyber-risks and manages a customized security program on their behalf, so they can focus on their core business.

We are a publisher for entrepreneurs and rebel innovators, serving them with the content, storytelling, strategy and support they need to make their voices heard. We offer an editorial reference and a meeting point for this community and for this new ecosystem.

Our artificial intelligence-based cart recognition system is specifically designed to identify and locate curbside waste carts and fully automates the operation of the robotic collection arm making curbside waste collection both safer and less expensive.

Emmetros helps people at various stages of their care journey to live independently and with dignity. We do this through software product development, research projects, volunteer work, and strategic partnerships.

At Enabling Adaptations, caregivers can reach out to speak directly to a pediatric therapist regarding the challenges their child is facing. Together strategies are discussed and resources provided to empower parents to feel confident in being able to help their children succeed.

Our patented technology is an economical and energy efficient manufacturing process for continuous coating of single layer nanomaterials over large areas.By re-thinking the way in which promising 2D nanomaterials are processed, we enable sophisticated control over their integration into products.

At Extra Dimension Games we are focused on building a new breed of mobile games that are easy to pick up and hard to put down. Our team is always hard at work crafting new experiences and refining gameplay for our players across the globe. Find us on your favourite App Store and get playing today!

We are a UK-Canada based fintech venture production studio The F/T hub incubates spoke ventures through development, resource sharing, investment, and joint ventures Participants include governments, the world’s largest banks, and the largest social networks

The GainX platform readily analyses information flow using data you already have - in just days. No integrations required. Accurate and relevant dashboards for unparalleled insights and predictions across complex change programs including projects - people and processes.

Only 1% of the world can afford authentic celebrity autographed merchandise. Instant Autographs Entertainment (IAE) serves the other 99%. Utilizing a proprietary GPS technology platform, IAE enables fans to purchase affordable, authentic, instant, digital autographed images and products.

Providing cloud based marketing solutions to the life insurance industry. We assure our clients of a stable, compliant source of leads for their business.

KLYCK was founded on the belief that solution sellers need the right tools to create memorable sales conversations. Our mission is to help sales and marketing teams around the world improve the way they publish, present, analyze, and deliver content.

With a bold objective to build a space for a creative culture in the heart of Uptown Waterloo, LAUNCH is here to challenge kids now to consider opportunities in STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts and math – because ultimately these are the fields that keep us asking questions.

Frictionless payment solutions Lean Payments is a Canadian Fintech organization strives to offer frictionless payment solutions for Business. Lean Payments leverages today's digital economy to reduce the business total cost of global & domestic payments.

Out of frustration from the current state of the eyewear industry LOKii was born. At LOKii design the world's most customizable eyewear for the trendsetters, the visionaries, and the underdogs.

We provide software solutions to promote the low-cost and low-risk adoption of metal additive manufacturing, focussing on the qualification of new materials and process parameter identification to obtain desired part properties.

Our vision is to bring anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement capabilities to the world. We deliver transparency and traceability creating a safer environment for producers and consumers alike.

At Novalte, we’re making the world a more accessible place. From opening your door to turning off the lights at night, our emitto system allows people with mobility challenges to live with more independence and greater dignity.

Periculum is an alternative data-driven credit assessment solution for underserved markets. Our vision is to create a single globally recognized, standardized risk assessment system for underserved markets.

Quali builds intelligent robots that uses vision and force feedback to complete tasks in manufacturing and packaging facilities. Our robots are turnkey and fully integrated with the software, cameras, sensors and tools required to get your tasks done.

Quantum Benchmark is the leading provider of software solutions that enable error characterization, error mitigation, error correction, & performance validation for quantum computing hardware. Led by top scientists & engineers, our mission is to enable quantum computers to solve real-world problems.

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt logistics information management platform streamlines and automates all the outdated, paper-based processes, while providing manufacturers, freight forwarders, and commercial carriers with new data insights to make better business decisions and win more business.

Recess Guardians is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing play back into recess.

Rebar’s simple, affordable and easy to use software allows you and your team to easily manage your health and safety responsibilities, maintain an electronic audit trail needed for compliance and reduce your risk. Say hello to Rebar and goodbye to paperwork forever.

Our simple, affordable and easy-to-use Rebar software allows construction companies to quickly and accurately manage your health and safety responsibilities. Eliminate hours of paperwork, meet compliance and reduce risk with our electronic audit trail. Save time, save money, save lives!

Peek behind the curtain of Instagram. Socialpeeks gives you an effortless way to capture accurate Instagram insights from your influencers.

SusWork will prove to be the best choice for converting waste to biofuel with profitable solutions, attractive market price and a reduced carbon footprint.

We are an IoT asset management solutions company focused on developing intelligent and trusted inventory management platforms for healthcare enterprises. Trevii allows healthcare enterprises to securely track, trace and locate portable medical devices to save you time and money.

The Owl Solutions’ mission is to enable smarter supply chains. We empower supply chain management professionals to make better business decisions by utilizing solutions that combine the best of two worlds: subject matter expertise and technology.

Thread is a platform for auto dealers to connect with lenders, submit applications and get deals funded.

Tunevu is a media discovery and engagement platform that identifies digital content & broadcast media enabling a mobile device to seamlessly discover, and tether companion events related to primary digital content being presented on TV, Radio, Live Streaming Web Videos or Audio, and Podcasts.

Developed by world-leading experts in quantum optics and information, Universal Quantum Devices provides the Logic16 unit to help researchers study light (photons)! The Logic16 handles the electronics to time tag and count photon detections.

unlearn is a social enterprise with a passion for inspiring critical thinking by design. We believe design has the ability to inspire us and make the world a better place. unlearn uses clothing, posters and programs to provoke thought and discussion around social issues.

INBOX was incorporated in 2011 from the conviction that; being the oldest means of communication in the digital world, email will be as important of a communication channel in the future. Since then, our company continues its improvement.

VCubed lets you maximize your growth by ensuring each of your customers reaches their unique value potential! The VCubed Solution determines a Value Realization Score for each customer and provides actionable, real-time recommendations for optimization, expansion and risk mitigation.

Visionary Semiconductor Inc. focuses on realizing color imaging and depth mapping with one compact device and therefore solve the heavy computing and form factor problems of current 3D imaging technologies.

Installing clean water, (and systems to do so) around the world.

At WaterPuris, we are committed to solving the most pressing water contamination problems that impact our environmental well-being and health. We are leveraging recent advances in materials science to improve water and wastewater treatment processes for our end-users.

We help people by providing technical consulting services in the areas of cybersecurity, blockchain and its applications in banking, finance and transport/supply chain industries, communication networks technologies, information systems architecture and integration.

Xenium offers a wide range of IT services to manage your current technology needs and help you plan for the future. Xenium is the right partner for outsourcing your entire IT, a project that requires technical resources, or something in between.

At YOURIKA, we help e-learning providers use artificial intelligence to provide intelligent learning at scale.

Zabu makes it easy for businesses to protect themselves from today’s cybersecurity threats. We want help you understand your business's cyber risks and provide the means to make informed decisions that will keep your business always protected, and you sleeping at night